December 22, 2014  
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  December 22, 2014  
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The Passing of Guy Adams

Dec 13, 2014 (03:13:43)


Dear Flying Partner,

       It's with a heavy heart to inform you that former Air Wisconsin Flight Attendant Guy Adams has passes away.  Guy was very respected by his co-workers. 

       Please remember that the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is here for all flight attendants.  All calls are 100% confidential.  Please contact your local rep for assistance.

       Council 03: Lisa Hopkins 731-234-5438

       Council 28: Yvonne Morris 202-758-8992

       Council 29: Maura Warfield 757-513-1232 1-800-424-2406

       We have included a handout from EAP that might be helpful to you.


 Of all the experiences we confront in life, the toughest to face is the sudden, unexpected loss of someone we love.Loss in itself is painful enough, but sudden loss is shocking. The shock doubles our pain and intensifies our grief. Even if on some level we understand that no one lives forever, actually losing people we love is unimaginable. When we know someone we love has a fatal disease or when we have nursed a loved one who is very ill, we have a chance to begin to prepare for their loss -- at least a little. However, the unexpected death of a loved one (regardless of how that loved one dies) can leave us stunned, lost, and overwhelmed with pain. We may not know where to begin to cope.

 Sudden loss gives us no chance to prepare. It is not unusual that we feel cheated by a sudden death, cheated of a chance to say the last words we would have liked to say or to do some last act that would have had meaning to us like a hug, a kiss, a walk hand in hand. Missing out from having a way of saying some kind of good-bye can leave us feeling especially bereft for weeks or even months. Feeling cheated in this way can add to our grief, anguish and despair. Besides our feeling cheated by it, sudden loss can make the world feel shaky or less safe. This is a natural response to any unexpected and traumatic event. When we feel as if someone we love is suddenly yanked out of our lives, we are left feeling that the world isn’t a safe place. We may then become fearful and uncertain, or angry and frustrated. This loss can negatively color our view of life, but hopefully only temporarily.

 When we face a sudden loss, all at once we have three overwhelming tasks to deal with: Our grief over the loss of our loved one, the absence of this special person from our daily lives, and the changes in our lives that are caused by this loss. Each is a big task to take on, and each will become a part of our mourning and healing process. Although it may be hard to imagine at the moment, we must remember most will ultimately move through this terrible pain and begin to heal.

 It helps to bear in mind that emotional pain isn’t constant, and that we don’t have to grieve forever. We will love forever, whether our loved ones are with us in body or not, but we do not need to grieve to honor that love. We can just love.

 People who have suffered sudden loss have taught us several important, possibly universal, ways to help heal:

     Do your mourning now. Being strong and brave is important, but never miss an opportunity to cry. That is not self-indulgent, but simply sensible and honest in dealing with your emotions.

      Take special care of yourself through your grief. One way to do this is by surrounding yourself with support. Your AFA EAP is one resource available to you

       In Unity,

       Erin, Barbara, Maura

Delta Flying

Nov 21, 2014 (18:50:48)


Dear Flying Partner,


We are excited about the news from Air Wisconsin management about the new agreement to begin Delta Air Lines flying in the New Year!

As you know from Chief Commercial Officer Christine Deister’s email, pending discussion of several open issues, we will operate 26 50-seat CRJ 200 aircraft within the Delta Connection network by October 2015, beginning with five planes on January 5, and receiving an additional two to three each month through October. Initially, most flights will be out of PHL, CVG, RDU, JFK and DTW.

We welcome this great opportunity to work with Delta Air Lines, and look forward to performing in our role as first responders with the excellence and professionalism that our industry has come to expect from us!

The MEC is monitoring these developments and will provide more details as they become available.

In Unity,

Erin, Barbara, Maura, Ernie and Juli














Ebola: Resources for Flight Attendants

Nov 11, 2014 (15:03:09)


Dear Flying Partner,

Ebola: Resources For Flight Attendants


Coming into contact with the Ebola virus onboard the aircraft is highly unlikely, but as long as any risk exists, we must be prepared to act expeditiously.  AFA has created an online Ebola Resource Center for Flight Attendants, complete with health guidance, recent news articles, AFA member communications anHow to remove glovesd media releases, as well as a list of precautions you can take if a passenger is showing signs or symptoms of Ebola.

AFA continues to press key agencies overseeing aviation safety and health to enact protective and response measures needed to support aviation’s first responders and safe air travel. We also continue to coordinate with unions representing workers on the front lines of managing the potential risk of Ebola exposure.


The Ebola Resource Center can be found at

In Unity,

Erin, Barbara, Maura








No Knives On Planes

Mar 29, 2013 (06:58:51)

On March 21-23, AFA Council 29 set up a petition signing and information table at Norfolk Intl. Airport to keep knives off of planes.



Jul 03, 2012 (06:46:52)


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